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Ernest Brooks presents

The Green Hair Doc

The Green Hair Doc is an organic and vegan hair salon, situated in Escondido California, providing the best-in-class hair care to the clients. 


We understand the importance of our ecosystem and, as an ethical business, we always keep note of the source of our products which we either sell or apply on your hairs or skin. Our products and their manufacturing procedures are free from hazards and cause almost no harm to environment.

100% Vegan

We are called The Green Hair Doc solely because we uphold our vegan values alongside our business module. Our cosmetics are all made up of plant-based ingredients. We firmly discourage the use of animal ingredient in our production and service, both ethically and environmentally.


Our cosmetic products are free from animal testing. We love animals and, therefore, using them as the tool for cosmetic and drug testing is nothing but a cruel objectification of those innocent and sentient beings. The Green Hair Doc always upholds the idea of live and let live.


The Green Hair Doc
(inside My Salon Suite)
1356 W  Valley Pkwy Ste F
Escondido, CA  92029


Tel: 760-201-5051

Operational Hours

Tuesday – Friday

On Saturday

Sunday & Monday

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